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New items on my ETSY shop!


I just came up with these cards the other day and I’m hoping to sell them on my etsy shop and local shops!!!

This one is my favourite so far!

I’m going to be coming up with new ones soon! Visit my etsy shop if you would like these cutey cards!

Home Stuff for Geeks!


Pretty awesome stuff! Enjoy!

Emoticons, games and binary code pillows.

Lego Kitchen Stuff.

R2D2 Trashcan.

Boba Fett Lamp.

Rubix Cube Table.

Love Cards for Geeks


I think it’s cute. 

Super Mario

Legend Of Zelda.

Space Invaders.

You can buy them HERE


Awkward Greeting Cards

Sometimes you just don’t know what to say. Usually this is really awkward. Illustrator and designer Emily McDowell created painfully honest text based greeting cards to give you the right words to say in highly emotional situations. She designed motives for different occasions such as birthday, mothersday or a simple letter for your sweetheart.

“My work reflects our shared human experience, in all its different, messy forms, and I feel most satisfied when something I made helps somebody feel like someone else out there gets them,”says McDowell.

McDowellis is a former advertising art director, writer and creative director who returned to her roots by drawing and creating ad-unrelated stories. After putting her one whimsical “Awkward Valentine card” on Etsy, she met with unexpected viral success, eventually making an entire series of Awkward Cards. You can get your card for $4.50 from her website


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Life-size statues of Luffy and Goku fighting appeared in Shibuya!

Luffy (from One Piece) and Goku (from Dragon Ball Z) are the main characters of the two renowned anime and manga series in SJ history. This iconic display in Shibuya is for promoting the upcoming Shounen Jump! 45th anniversary video game, J-Stars Victory VS.

(via sgcafe)

Miki Nagata’s Japanese-style sweets — “mini aquarium jellies” and “koi carp jelly.” Too cute to eat~! ♡

(Source:, via japan-ism)